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What should you expect from your inpatient Rehabilitation experience?


On admission you will be assessed on your current status and your rehabilitation potential. The team will provide you with an estimated discharge date as a goal to work towards. The amount of time you spend in our inpatient program is dependent upon the progress you make.

When rehabilitation begins:

The team will talk to you about what you expect to achieve from attending our inpatient rehabilitation programs. These goals may change throughout the duration of your program, depending on the progress you make.

It is highly encouraged to attend therapy twice a day either in the gym, garden/outdoors or in the hydrotherapy pool.

Case conferences:

Case conferences (interdisciplinary team meetings) occur weekly, and include input from all members of your rehabilitation team. These meetings are used to discuss how your plan of care is progressing and if any changes are to be made. If required, family conferences can be organised to provide your family with the opportunity to discuss your progress and needs.


You will be discharged form your inpatient stay when your team has assessed you to have achieved your goals. Upon discharge you will be referred to our Day only Rehabilitation program to continue to maintain the progress you have made.

Inpatient medical care:

Inpatient medical care is provided for patients deconditioned by an acute medical illness.