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How can the supporting medical staff help me on my journey?

Nursing Staff: Our highly trained Nursing staff will monitor your medical needs on a 24-hour basis. The nursing staff will work with you to review your self-care abilities, and provide education regarding your medications and their side effects.

Physiotherapists will assist you in regaining your physical strength, endurance and coordination by engaging you in therapeutic exercises. You will work with your physiotherapist to become more independent.

Exercise Physiologists will assist you in the prevention, treatment and management of a chronic disease or illness. Your exercise physiologist will use exercise prescription, lifestyle and behavioural change, as well as goal setting to help you reach your optimal health and wellness, whilst preventing disease or managing an existing condition.

Occupational Therapists will assist you in become independent with self-care and other daily tasks such as eating, getting dressed, and cooking. Your therapist will teach you strategies to increase independence and, if needed, recommend and help you with sourcing adaptive equipment.  Ongoing practice of the skills learned will help with your transition home. Our team can also provide a home assessment if necessary.

Social Workers will assist you with adjusting to the impact your illness or injury may have on your life. The social worker can arrange many of the services recommended to you by the team, as well as assisting you with your discharge home or another location.